Monestiq ATM-s

At more than 600 locations throughout Croatia

Monestiq ATM-s

Fast, simple, and secure are the fundamental principles of the financial services offered to its clients through ATMs by Monestiq, a company that has already proven itself as a leader in the Croatian market.

Monestiq has developed one of the largest and fastest-growing ATM networks in Croatia, managing over 600 devices located in high-traffic areas. Recognizable by its well-known black and yellow brand, Monestiq ATMs allow hundreds of thousands of clients to quickly convert currencies and easily withdraw cash.


The increase in the number of ATMs in Croatia

According to Eurostat data for the year 2019, 116.5 million transactions are made annually in Croatia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of ATMs throughout the country is increasing…

growth in the number of ATMs over the years in Croatia

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ATMs are a business with significant expansion worldwide. The amount of cash in circulation in Croatia in October 2020 was 5.47 billion euros. That is 34 percent more than a year earlier.

Monestiq is where you are

The Monestiq ATM machines are located at the most frequent locations in Croatia, covering the entire coastline, tourist spots, urban centers, and the metropolitan city of Zagreb. With over 600 devices, maximum service availability is guaranteed.

Usluga po mjeri klijenta

ATMs have become a key part of modern financial infrastructure because they allow people to easily and quickly access their money at any time and from any location.

A wide network of ATMs means that clients are able to perform transactions and access services regardless of where they are, which is particularly useful in cases where it is not practical or safe to visit a physical bank.

Considering these benefits, it is no wonder that ATMs have become such an important part of the financial industry. With continuous improvement and expansion of service offerings, ATMs will continue to be indispensable tools in the financial world, providing clients with easy, fast, and secure access to their finances.