Partner program

na više od 600 lokacija diljem Hrvatske

Partner program

Monestiq Group has developed one of the largest and fastest growing networks of automated teller machines (ATMs) in Croatia, where it manages over 600 devices located in high-traffic locations.

In addition to benefits for service users, Monestiq ATMs provide significant advantages for property owners and lessees in attractive locations with whom Monestiq is building a long-term relationship of cooperation with positive results for all parties involved.


Certain rental income

Partnering with Monestiq, you are subleasing a small part of your business space to install a branded ATM, in exchange for a monthly fee, as well as an additional offer for your space.

Increased customer spending

Experience shows that business premises that offer the possibility of withdrawing cash achieve a higher number of transactions and larger individual turnovers, ensuring a constant flow of new customers to their business.