who we are and what we are

Monestiq is an independent financial and technological company that combines the knowledge and experience of one of the largest Croatian ATM system operators with innovative software solutions. The result of this combination is the first and only ATM management licence in Europe!

Monestiq serves as a link between small businesses and the top of the financial industry, i.e. card companies such as Visa or Mastercard, which are the basis of global payment transactions. We connect the owners of shops, stores or other business premises with complex card schemes and enable them to manage their own ATMs.

In a partnership relationship, the owner of the business premises buys an ATM and provides space for its installation within his location. Of course, in addition to space owners, ATMs can be purchased by other entrepreneurs interested in new business opportunities. One entrepreneur can buy several devices and place them at the locations he takes into lease.

The licence granted to the licensee by Monestiq combines all protocols, permissions and technical prerequisites for processing money transactions. This is the “key” to connecting to a network of banking and financial houses and the only way to start your own ATM business.

In addition to protocols, we also take care of the “software” and “hardware” of ATMs. Monestiq will set up a branded ATM at the agreed location, fill it with the money needed to carry out transactions but also service the device. In short, this is a unique and comprehensive service that Croatian entrepreneurs will be able to use – first in Europe!