The Monestiq franchise allows anyone to manage an ATM

The Monestiq franchise is an absolute novelty not only in Croatia but throughout Europe. Monestiq is the first and only licence for ATMs, which allows everyone to become the owner of one of these cash dispensers. This democratizes a market that has so far been reserved only for “big players”: banks and financial institutions. From […]

Profit from ATMs: How one device can improve business

Profit from ATMs is a common topic in the media in recent years. This is a logical consequence of the strong growth in the number of such devices in Croatia. In five years, that number has grown by more than 60%. Specifically, in 2014. 4,277 ATMs were installed in our country. Five years later, in […]

Cash or cards? How card payment will affect ATM transactions

Cash or cards? The frequently asked question about the choice of payment, according to statistics, may have an unexpected answer. Namely, although it seems that cards are a ubiquitous choice of payment, the old saying still holds true: Cash is king. That is, cash reigns. According to the Croatian National Bank, in 2018. there were […]

Croatian company develops the first franchise licence for ATMs in Europe

It is a financial and technological solution that combines the necessary protocols and rights for processing transactions and thus enables everyone to become the owner of their own ATM. Zagreb — As of today, everyone can become the owner of an ATM. The activity, which has been reserved only for banks and financial institutions, is […]