Profit from ATMs: How one device can improve business

Davor Žic

Davor Žic

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Profit from ATMs is a common topic in the media in recent years. This is a logical consequence of the strong growth in the number of such devices in Croatia. In five years, that number has grown by more than 60%. Specifically, in 2014. 4,277 ATMs were installed in our country. Five years later, in 2019 there were a total of 6,877.

Monestiq is a company that allows anyone to set up their own ATM. The basis for this is a simple and comprehensive licence that allows you to “connect” to a network of financial and card institutions and to process information. This democratization of the market and the inclusion of “small players” on the “big field” will further accelerate the growth of the number of ATMs on Croatian streets.

How much profit can I make on ATMs?

The question that arises is – how much profit can I make on ATMs? Well, the growth in the number of devices is a sufficient indicator that this is often a profitable business for its owners. However, ATMs have another additional, and very positive, impact on the business of the business premises in which they are located.


Indeed, the owners and users of business premises where ATMs are set up often ask: what can this device do for my business?

The simple answer is: it can do a lot. We have to divide the somewhat longer explanation into two parts. The first concerns the revenue from the devices themselves. It is a secure and stable passive income that increases the profitability of the business premises in which the ATM is set up.

Indirect benefits

The second part of the answer concerns indirect benefits. Experience shows that business premises located near ATMs have an increased flow of customers and higher daily turnover of money. Although Croatia has a higher average number of POS devices compared to the European average, many business premises are still not equipped with these devices that allow card payments. This is where the benefits of ATMs come in. This device appears as an “intermediary” between customers who want to use the card and the business premises who want to receive payment in cash.

and the increased number of clients and daily income is a logical consequence. Whoever provides their clients with quick, easy and safe access to cash, will benefit from it.